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Welcome to Walstead Iberia!

Walstead Iberia, offers a full range technical solutions available in the modern printing industry.


The know-how within our group is a result of our long-standing experience and concrete vision of the future. We are able to combine highly skilled people with excellence in technology and production, always ready to respond to the demands of the market and fully respecting the environment.

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Our mission is to provide an efficient and complete service to our customers while constantly guaranteeing the highest quality standards. Finding the best technical solution that will most satisfy the specific demands of our customers in a hi-tech environment. Our technological choices are customer oriented, with a vision to providing service excellence. Internally the focus is on functionality and ergonomics. An international team applies its experience to spur innovation.

This is our starting point for embracing future challenges.

Get to know us and our communication solutions, we would love to welcome you as Rotocobrhi & Eurohueco customer soon.

Technology Power Reliability Success Creativity Innovation Experience Communication Solutions Flexibility High Quality

Keep on using paper

In a competitive multi-channel world, the coexistence of paper and digital technology allows you to open new channels of communication with customers.

Printed communication is key to increase sales, attract customers' attention and lead to digital traffic.

Paper is natural and renewable, an essential medium and key to the future. Paper allows us to use the five senses: let's build the future together using paper.


Customer service

Savoir faire

In our customer service Departments at the different plants we offer a well-rehearsed team, where organizational talent is combined with specialized technical knowledge. Highly trained account managers are available for our customers from abroad with the requested foreign language skills.

The history of our company, the people, the machinery, the quality, and the variety of our clients provide proof that we work to the highest standards.

Technical information

What we do

Advanced Technology that Satisfies our Customers

In order to connect with its customers, Rotocobrhi & Eurohueco have developed a high-speed system to send and receive digital information, thus guaranteeing timely communication. This is a flexible process that knows no geographical limitation, and that can adapt to the specific communication methods of individual customers.

When information is received, an interactive cycle with the customer is activated, which is completed when the finished product is delivered.

You will find us competent partners who are fully familiar with the diverse expectations placed on our products and services.

As a full-service media provider, we offer print products and professional data management of the highest standard.

Rotogravure Print

Rotogravure technology meets the highest expectations both in terms of print quality, and of long runs and sheet numbers, thus proving to the most appropriate solution for our customers, who are leaders in the industrial, publishing, communication and advertising sectors.

Eurohueco is an active member of the European Rotogravure Association (ERA), which looks after the Gravure Working Group of the European Color Initiative (ECI)

4 x 2.7m 4 x saddle stitching lines

Guidelines for service providers:

Processing data: Guidelines_EN_4.pdf
Gravure profile: Perfiles icc para hueco.zip

WEBCheck www.eurohueco-online.com
Manual: 1_WebCheck_v1.4_EN.pdf

FTP server ftp.eh.grafixserver.com

Requirements for file transfer using FTP:

An account with username and password is created (no anonymous FTP)

Please contact our customer service for an account


Magazines, Flyers and Catalogues

Innovation and quality


Cobalt, 1 - 5

+34 937730700

Sales: Iñaki Inda

Eurohueco, S.A.U.
Ronda de Valdecarrizo, 13 | 28760 Tres Cantos | Madrid |España Registro Mercantil de Madrid | Tomo 36709 , Folio 73 , Sección 8 , Hoja M-657994 , Inscripción 2


Eurohueco is located 20 minutes from Barcelona

Barcelona, Mediterranean city, is a cosmopolitan, innovative and open city to the world that welcomes you with open arms.

For more information see: www.barcelonaturisme.com y http://www.catalunya.com

Based in Castellbisbal -Barcelona (Northern Spain)

From Prat-Barcelona airport : 24 km
From Girona-Costa Brava: 96 km


Customer service

Savoir faire

The customer service Department is the essential interface between customers and production. Each customer has a personal contact in this department who coordinates the print job though all production steps and monitors a smooth process. We understand that quality, speed, and best results enabling you to enjoy the very best customer.

Excelling in punctuality, flexibility, by our selection of the best raw materials and in the quality control of our production.

Technical information

What we do

Publishing Houses - Mail Order Business and Commercial Market

We are specialists in all areas of magazine printing. Benefit from our experience.

Perfectly meshed teamwork, state-of-the-art technology, comprehensive quality management, speed and attention to detail guarantee products of superlative quality. And if you need help with your customer magazine’s content, we can even help you there as well.

Thanks to flexible planning, to many years of experience and to a greater availability of machinery, we are able to satisfy all of our clientele’s requests.

Offset Print

High-speed presses: an excellent printing technology that guarantees high quality products.

Technical efficiency reduces delivery times whilst maintaining high standards of quality and service.

Thanks to the CTP system, the client is guaranteed impeccable printing quality, an optimization of time and consequently the swift and effective management of logistics.

2 x 72/80 pages 3 x 48 pages + 1 cross cutter
3 x 16 pages 4 x saddle stitching lines

Guidelines for service providers:

Processing data: Datos_Tratamiento_2013v2.pdf

WEBCheck clientes.ctpcobrhi.com webcheck.ctpcobrhi.com

FTP server ftp1.ctpcobrhi.com

Requirements for file transfer using FTP:

An account with username and password is created (no anonymous FTP)

Please contact our customer service for an account


Magazines, Flyers and Catalogues

Power and expertise


Ronda de Valdecarrizo, 13
28760 Tres Cantos

+34 91 8031676

Sales: Iñaki Inda

Ronda de Valdecarrizo, 13 28760 Tres Cantos Spain
N.I.F. A28352656 Registro Mercantil de Madrid Tomo 3996 Folio 210 Sección 8 H.M. 66834, Inscripción 59


Rotocobrhi is located 20 minutes from Madrid

Madrid, capital of art and history, will surprise you with their hospitality, nightlife and mixture of cultures and traditions that enrich each of its streets.

For more information: www.turismomadrid.es and www.madrid.org

Based in Tres Cantos - Madrid (Central Spain)

From Barajas-Madrid airport: 23 km


Walstead Capital is a UK company and is an affiliate of Walstead Investments Limited which owns Wyndeham Group. Wyndeham is the UK's second largest web offset printer with revenues of 155 M€ and employs 800 staff.

Work with us

Rotocobrhi & Eurohueco is the ideal group for competent people with a desire to grow and work with a European vision.

We are looking for highly motivated professionals who are strong team players.

If you are a dynamic, competent and motivated person, Rotocobrhi & Eurohueco is the group for you.

More information at
Spain: recruitment@walstead.es

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